Alcohol/Chemical Dependency Program

Alcohol/Chemical Dependency Program

SVS’s Outpatient Chemical Dependence Treatment Program (OPC) is a comprehensive program designed to help clients stop using mood-altering substances, strengthen their family and social relationships, develop a sober support network in their communities, upgrade their educational and vocational skills, and ultimately become self-reliant.

The OPC is a three-phase program that begins with a comprehensive assessment in order to develop a specialized treatment regimen. The longest phase, treatment, can take up to one year and includes sessions five or six days a week. Finally, clients participate in a month of group sessions. The OPC staff includes nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers.

The program offers a special focus for clients with children in foster care, assisting them in the process of assuming their parental responsibilities by providing skills, educational seminars, and advocacy to negotiate the foster care system.

Clients are encouraged to use the program as a resource if a relapse occurs. If a client is unable to benefit from an outpatient program, evaluations and referrals to alternative programs are made.

The criteria for admission to the outpatient program are the following:
In order to participate in this program, clients must meet the criteria for DSM IV for substance abuse, substance dependence, or other poly-substance disorder. They must also report that chemical use has caused significant disruptions in family life, social relationships, physical and emotional health, ability to pay for housing, and ability to keep a job. Participants must be able to comply with treatment outside a live-in setting. For those who cannot, OPC makes referrals to 24-hour programs.

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SVS is the only organization of its kind that has this level of commitment to education as a pathway to success. We will go to great lengths to help our kids get a good education – it’s both a moral obligation and a passion for everyone who works and volunteers here.

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